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What is Quantum System?


Hair Styling at Quantum System


A Complete Hair Prosthesis for Alopecia


Difference of Quantum system in prosthesis hair


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Catch up to change with quantum system.

What is Hair Prosthesis?

support Hair prosthesis is a medical technique that does not require a surgery, or medicine, does not bring pain and is applied to hair loss cases caused by various reasons.

Our customers come to our center because of hair loss, our experts take hair samples from them, and then the hair design starts. Prepared with a great care in “New Image” company's laboratories in America, the hair gets sent to our company and then we apply it to the problematic spots with medical solutions.

Later on, the procedure of cutting and styling starts. In a very short time, the customer obtains a lot of natural looking hair. He/she can brush or style his/her hair anytime, can do sports, swim, and do any social activity...

What Are the Advantages of Prosthetic Hair?

protez saç avantajları Many people have regained their hair thanks to hair prosthesis. If you love yourself and think that your hair is the most important accessory of yours, it is still not too late... The advantages of prosthetic hair

Prosthetic hair systems do not have any side effects, but has many advantages.

  • Prosthetic hair is not harmful at all.
  • It is porous and air-permeable, the growing hair keeps growing.
  • The bottom part is compatible with human skin. The roots of the hair are visible.
  • It is a system copied out of human hair, so it is natural.
  • It is not noticeable by others; no one will notice it unless you say it.
  • You can get balayage, highlights, or make it curly, straight, and so on at the hairdresser.
  • You can swim in the sea, and the pool or even do extreme sports easily.
  • It will make you look at least 10 years younger. It ends the baldness that make you look older than your actual age.
  • In a very short time, you will have plenty of shiny hair. You can style it as you like.
  • Applying Hair Prosthesis?

    protez saç avantajları Fast and healthy application methods without pain and surgery are only possible through hair prosthesis systems.

    Having plenty of healthy hair is the desire of everyone. However, unfortunately people sometimes lose hair because of physiological or psychological problems. You do not have to lose your self-confidence because of this... Because you have a chance to get your hair back in a very short time, with no pain and no surgery. The ones who cannot dare to have an operation, but facing with the problems of baldness or hair loss may prefer prosthetic hair. Before applying hair prosthesis, the specialists take hair samples and styles to examine.

    More Detail

    Hair Prosthesis at Chemotherapy

    kemoterapi ve protez saç Hair loss at chemotherapy occurs because of medication. The medication makes the hair roots weak, and after some time the hair loss increases as the patient receives chemotherapy, in 3 to 6 weeks he/she even loses all of his/her hair.

    BDuring this period, the patients usually prefer using wigs. However, wigs are not really a very comfortable method regarding our daily life conditions. The nets and the synthetic materials underneath the wigs discomfort the patients and they irritate the skin. The wigs that are even placed with great care may fall off while dressing up or walking when there is wind. This situation is not a desired situation by our patients. Moreover, wigs do not cost too less compared to the cost of hair prosthesis. Because of this, the recent hair prosthesis techniques give a positive benefit to the patient. Hair prosthesis is a technique done by only copying human hair.

    More Detail

    Guaranteed Hair Prosthesis

    garantili protez saç Demo Hair provides a guaranteed service to its valuable customer. If you do not like it, you do not have to pay for it.

    More Detail


    Quantum Hair System

    The latest hair prosthesis system that was developed in America by the experts. Only in Demo Hair

    • Your Skin Breathes
    • Your Natural Hair Can Grow
    • The details are clearer
    • Styled Easily.
    • The Best Choice


    For the Local Hair Loss, Local App's (Local Application System) is a Natural, Fast, and an Effective solution.

    • Only applied to the location with hair loss.
    • It is 100% compatible with your natural hair.
    • Your hair color is applied exactly the same.
    • It is applied with one of the other systems.

    Complete App

    The best solution for the people who has lost all of their hair.
    (Complete Application)

    • The Most Efficient Solution After Chemotherapy.
    • Fast and Natural
    • With No Side Effects Considering The Health
    • Perfect Skin Compatibility

    No Care

    For all of our No Care applications you can do your own hair care by yourself.

    • Hair care at home
    • No need expertise.
    • Unlimited consultancy and support.

    All Colors

    With Demo Hair All Colors Your Hair Color is as You Like...

    • Color Choice that Fits Your Skin Color
    • Original Color Harmony Work
    • Complete Color Change


    Amerikan "New Image" Products Are in Turkey

    • Professional Care
    • Men And Woman, Wide product range
    • Special Formula for Hair Prosthesis
    progen şampuan


    Pro-Gen Nourishing Shampoo, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Oil, Keratin and Kolajen

    progen saç kremi


    Pro-Gen Moisture-Rich Conditioner, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Yağı, Keratin ve Kolajen

    Progen Tarama SuyuTarama SuyuTarama SuyuTarama Suyu


    Pro-Gen Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Oil, Keratin and Collagen

    progen bayan şampuan


    Pro-Gen Nourishing Shampoo, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Yağı, Keratin ve Kolajen



    Pro-Gen Moisture-Rich Conditioner, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Oil, Keratin and Collagen

    progen saç Tarama SuyuTarama Suyu


    Pro-Gen Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, For Dry-Looking Hair - Argan Oil, Keratin and Collagen


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